A selection of Jim Freeman Fine Art Photography can be seen displayed on the walls of the Old Marco Lodge

the famous Jim Freeman fine art photographer
Jim Freeman Fine Art Photographer

As a sailor himself, Jim knows how to find the pictures on the water we want to see too. When you go out on the water, whether you are sailing or boating, you always see sights you would love to remember and take home with you, but sadly, you are not a fine art photographer. 

Jim Freeman has a way about him when it comes to his eye on art. He is already famous in Texas and has made a name for himself in Florida now….. Nobody does art like Jim Freeman.

You would not believe the homes where his works already hang, but we are not going to publicize that here.

So come and see just some of Jim Freeman’s Fine Art Photography.

You can get a selection to take home and display on your walls.

Now that is a true find to take home with you.

Jim Freeman with Sherri
Sherri and Jim Freeman – Sherri is known as the “Texas Tomato”. She is a Graphic Designer receiving yet another ADDY Award. What a great team they make.

And….you found this here at the Old Marco Lodge.

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